Sunday, 29 August 2010

Results and College.

Several significant things have happened recently, both in fact on the same day. I finally got my GCSE results and enrolled in College successfully, my results are:

1 A* in ICT
2 A's also in ICT
3 B's in Science, Additional Science and Maths
4 C's in Art, English, English lit and Media Studies
2 D's in Design Technology and French.

Even though I could very easily have guessed those results, I was significantly underwhelmed by the turnout, sure they were useful in getting me into the Animation course I had my eye on, but to say it basically decided my future from that day forward I didn't feel all that excited, maybe I was hoping I had gotten grades higher than a B in some of my better subjects besides ICT (which incidentally, I barely even tried on, go me.), but still I imagine several people I know predominantly got E's in their worse subjects, in fact I hope that the people who I didn't like and never studied got lower than a B at the very least, I deserve at least that much for my efforts.

Another noticeable lack of emotion on my part was that I was leaving my School that I had spent 5 years of my life at, and had several life changing events at, for the very last time. Ok maybe not the last time but the last time I was required to go in, and even then I didn't feel all that upset. Sure I may have been tremendously bullied by people who were under the impression was a giant, verbal 'Kick me' sign for a long time, but I also met several people who could summarily be described as 'friends' there and knew several other people who were very nice to me, I'll certainly miss those guys because I doubt I'll be seeing a lot of the people who aren't going to the same College as me in a foreseeable future.

Significant life event 'numero deux' of that that day (24th August) was me enrolling in College, after the incredible bowel evacuatingly anxious moments of slightly doubting if I'd gotten the right grades, it was a relief to merely worry about having to talk to strangers instead for the whole enrolling process. And to my surprise that wasn't even a huge deal, especially since there were hundreds of other people present doing the same thing as well, so I quite literally was given a raffle ticket and had a random chance of beginning the enrolling process. And I wish I was making that up but it was true. First section was giving personal details to a stranger who might well have been secretly signing me up to a criminal record database for all I know, the second was talking to my Course Tutor and showing him my results, which were thankfully more than enough to allow me in, he then gave me various information, such as my Time Table, which I'll get back to in a sec, starting date and equipment list.

Back to the timetable. If I went back in time and showed the College timetable of the Animation course to my 13 year old self who had literally just discovered such a thing exists, his forehead spots would likely have burst in glee because it's the most easy going time table I've had thus far in my learning experience. To give an example of how big a leap it is, I should mention that the average school day for the last five years has been at least 6-7 hours a day of doing lessons I largely found astonishingly boring. In College it's three hours long on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 7 hours on Tuesday, and all of it is stuff I give a toss about, that being Animation and Animation related Paraphernalia. So in short, bring on September 6th!

Well, rambling over folks, I intend to fill you all in my first week on my first Friday off on the 10th of September perhaps.

Until then, seeya later none existent readers!

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