Thursday, 9 September 2010

College, if you can call it that.

So I finished my first week of College, if I could call it that, and I can safely say that I enjoy it. Allow me to go into uncanny detail about it, since it's the most recent important thingy that happened recently. If you strongly dislike reading incessant ramblings about people's lives then I suppose you can leave your computer and do whatever there is to do there.

Day One:
On the first day, admittedly nothing important much important happened. I walked in and found my room with almost everyone there, since everybody was staring at me I looked for an empty chair is casually as possible and enjoyed the silence. There was definitely of lot of that on the first day since none of us knew each other and my fellow classmates seem like they're capable of being nice to me, which they all have been so far, which is a massive relief.

No actual work on the first day, we just did a mini task where we had to do a quiz about the College for some really arbitrary reason. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are all three hours long, or that's the idea anyway since we finished an hour early that day.

Day Two:
Day two in my humble opinion was rather important to me, to because we did any important work, but because I actually semi made friends among the people in the class I was working near that day. Tuesdays are seven hours long and doesn't involve Animation so it doesn't look like I'll enjoy these days an awful lot, we started out doing some task of such importance that I completely forgot what it was by now. In the afternoon was where the fun really began.

Bottle Rockets.

That's right, Bottle Rockets. What this has to do with the Art of moving images will remain a mystery to me, but it seems that the purpose was becoming familiar with each other, and it worked surprisingly well, especially since many of the people acted the same as and strongly resembled people I knew at my old School, the normal people that is. So me and another dude who's name escapes me made a Bottle Rockets, it wasn't the most well thought out design since its wings we uneven and it span when we fired it into the air, not even my 'go faster' stripes were enough to help, and also out parachute concealed in the nose-cone of the Rocket failed to deploy, likely because we were idiots enough to give the parachute no way of escaping. While the dudes to our right made a Rocket that was also a Ninja Duck for some reason, and still flew better than ours. And the dudes opposite the table made their unnecessarily heavy and complicated by adding a flag to it rather hilariously, which remained intact upon hitting the ground, everyone elses I forgot by now.

Day Three:
This was the day we actually did some honest to god Animation for the first time in several days, it consisted of doing a series of drawings on a strip of paper and inserting it into a Zoetrope and then making it spin around very fast, thus giving the illusion of animation, mine was the best I saw so I'll assume that mine was the best out of everyones. Being three hours long I only managed a total of three of these before packing it in and going home, it was rather fun and easily kicked the arse of most School days, yet I imagined it'd be boring compared to whatever I'd be doing in the future.

Day Four:
Today, more animation ensued as we did some pencil animations of a wavy thing being wavy, I chose to make mine the tail of a Monkey because I've been watching the original Dragon Ball recently, the second was a bouncing ball, which was solid enough but very jerky not entirely unlike people I disliked from School. And being three hours long again that was all I managed, but we have the option of carrying on tomorrow of we want, which I'll probably do at home since I 'borrowed' necessary equipment. The actual idea behind this animating was pretty much just taking pictures of 16-17 images of stuff in the process of moving and inserting it into a Mac program called FrameByFrame, which I'll download since it's apparently free.

This next bit will be similar to mentioning that rain is wet, fire is hot and Jack Thompson dislikes games in that it's painstakingly obvious for normal people to notice, but whilst trying to talk today, I remembered my prominent fear of doing so and promptly stopped. And if you ever fancy having a chuckle, then you should watch me staring at people and trying to Psychically tell them to talk to me since my voice box wasn't up to the job. Maybe soon will be the day that I talk like a normal person, but there's no way of knowing for sure.

Teh Edn:
Well, that's everything interesting I have to say the for moment, I might give an update next week if anything exciting happens and I'm feeling particularly bored that day. Overall I like my course since it largely involves doing something I like with people I have things in common with (or so I assume).

Until next time none-existant readers, and also xxninjacookie if I've made you read my ramblings again.

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