Thursday, 22 July 2010

Phase one of being utterly bored.

As you may have gleaned from seeing me talk pretty much most places on the internet, I am extremely bored with having nothing to do. As I have also likely explained, I've been trying to occupy myself by writing, storyboarding and eventually actually animating a Flash animation about a character that I actually made myself rather than endless Sprite Movies.

So far with that, I've written what was meant to be the first draft, but if I know me (which I like to think I do.) then I'll probably end up using that script and just make the dialogue marginally more humourous, which is rather difficult when I'm consciously trying to be funny. The story so far on that is that my main character (named Brockson) randomly avoids getting squished by a Meteor containing a Wizard from Space, it then later revives Brockson from death after having mind controlled him into being dangerous, and thus he becomes a very Charcoal-ish Zombie. More on that in future blog posts perhaps.

Also in my day to day life, I got an iPhone recently, I intend to have it last the rest of my naturally born life because buying the ferking contract for the thing was hard enough the first time around. Aside from that one thing, as well as the instructions for making an iTunes account being as helpful as the talking paperclip from MS Word, I like it, sure it's got abysmal battery and memory compared to some of the ones that are already out but it's surprisingly useful, I found the walking direction to my soon to be College using the SavNav type thing they have on there, granted I got lost a few times, but my map reading skills from playing so many Zelda games proved quite helpful eventually.

In approximately 32 days if my timer is to be believed, I get my results for all the exams and coursework I worked very extremely hard to get, I'm unsure of how well they're gonna be but I'll probably make several blog posts on my various internet holes if they're good. As well as play 'Best Day Ever' on my new iPhone to all my ex-fellow students as I say seeya to them for finally the last time. Then a further couple of weeks before College again and I'll have moved up from 'Doing Sod All' to 'Doing A little Bit More Than Sod All That I'll Enjoy Doing'.

So that's all the news I have to give so far, once again, thanks for reading my indistinguishable ranting non-existent readers. Until whenever I can be bothered to post again.

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