Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New crap.

So I had my Art Exam last week, so I'm gonna talk about that.
It was pretty easy, but since the exam was ten hours long over the course of two days it did terrible things to my fingers and will to live by the time I'd finished it. The not quite final piece is up on my deviantArt profile is everyone's interested, although I still seem to be allowed to carry on working on it well beyond the allotted ten hours, and despite my Art teachers claims she couldn't help us, she certainly does an awful lot of that. It was drawn in pencil, pencil crayon, a black felt tip and now acrylic paint apparently. So it's looking pretty good if every vague compliment given by anyone who looks at it is any indication.

In similar school related news, they gave us our current grades today, and apparently I must be better than I thought because if it was my final results then I would've passed pretty much every subject with the exception of French, of course I'm terrible at paying attention to that anyway so I don't hold it against the teacher personally. Surprisingly even my most hated lesson, where I have to venture into that wretched hive of scum and villainy, the Tech rooms, where they forgot to tell the teachers that we're not sweatshop workers who can make a product in five minutes with bleeding, stitched up fingers.

Since shit has apparently hit the fan when it comes to school work, I suppose I should probably not spend every waking moment on the internet talking to friends. Of course, if it's Emma then that makes the choice all the more difficult since I enjoy talking to her more than my lower intestine enjoys breaking down carbohydrates, that previous sentence alone should say that Science is one of the things I need to swot up on.
'till next time non-existant readers!

P.S. Since there's a high chance that nobody's reading this I seem to be treating this blog of mine like an increasingly personal diary rather than an actual blog.

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