Saturday, 16 January 2010

School and other stuff.

So lots of school stuff is happening recently, I got high grades in most of my subjects, one of my classes is changing, I have quite a bit of Media Studies homework to do and my college interview is on Monday.

Seeing as I choose to spend most of my free time on the internet you can probably understand that I'm not a good speaker in real life. So I'm pretty nervous about this interview, any random advice would be helpful. Although I plan to take in examples or arty stuff I've done and just let it speak for itself to avoid actually do talk.

The weather condition that the news is imaginatively referring to as 'The Big Freeze' seems to have ended today, meaning I can once again walk the streets without being worried about falling over or a chav throwing ice at me that they think is snow and laughing at their comic genius.

Back to talking about school, I don't have many months left before I leave there for good. Although I'd never admit it to the face of anyone who goes there, I'll probably miss school and my friends there quickly, even the unhealthy percentage of people who have irrational hatred for me and my friends, even them, so I hope they're proud of themselves for that.

That's all that's on my mind so far, so until next time, Au revoir non-existent readers! Except for YOU!

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