Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rubbish you don't care about.

The most descriptive title I've yet put on my blog right there.

Stoof has been marching on recently, not entirely unusual in itself, because things can only be homogeneous for so long before I get bored enough sit on my behind eating everybody's Easter Eggs for two weeks, bar occasional homework.

First of all, that. I finally completed my homework/project of modelling a car I designed in 3D. Your milage may vary on whether I succeeded in making it look good or not, but I think it looks passable. Something I really ought to be doing better on, 3D modeling has not been my ally in the great quest of College, so I think I need to do some extra practice of that here at home.

My tutor tells me that we're starting on 3D animation using a rig when we get back, which I currently have mixed feelings about, because on one hand, it's probably easier than hand animating 2D drawings, and hey, it's some form of aimation, but on the other hand, I don't get to practice 2D animation, my ideal future career, quite as much as I had wanted to. So I'll have to do some small one-off projects here at home in between those projects.

Of course, I currently have two personal projects that'll help hone my skills in more or less everything I'll need to know. One is a webcomic with original characters and a (relatively) original story, which should help me hone drawing and script/story writing skills, which I'm certain will be essential in the grand scheme of things. And the other is an animated series spoofing Doctor Who, which will help me learn to animate better and also do hilarious, laborious comedy writing, (and also contains excessive Doctor Who references). I'm sticking with the first idea at the moment (though possibly making it an animated webcomic), because hey, I need to draw still things before moving things.

I have a new obsession, and creation chose to name my obsession "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". It's a 27 episode long Anime series, which currently holds my place for 'Favorite Anime' and 'Most epic thing ever'. The story begins with a child finding a robotic mech head and fighting slightly bigger robots with it, and ends with the same person controlling a robot which is described as 10 million Light Years tall. And that, my friends, is the reason fiction exists.

Also, I started playing the Yu-Gi-Oh card game recently, I can't imagine why, because the Anime and Manga for them don't make it look like a lot of fun, they make it look like the card game version of psychological warfare. But it surprisingly is, so say that I've won exactly one game to date so far, time will tell if I collect many cards though and actually build a deck.

That's about all the random rubbish I can conjure up at the minute. Until next time invisible people!

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