Friday, 18 February 2011

Recent Stoof.

So, it doesn't seem like a whole lot has gone on for me, but it seems that I haven't posted on here in months, so I'll do my best to seem interesting.

In College, all is well, I've been working on a 3D Design project in Maya for the past few weeks, which I will post here once it's textured and slightly rendered. It's all very well trying to model things in 3D, but trying to add cohesive textures to a slightly complex 3D object is like pulling teeth if you don't know what you're doing, which I never did. For example, one of my objects was basically a cylinder with no roof and the top of the walls of it were all worn and broken down, and that took me a week to figure out, maybe it's because of my own personal idiocy but it really did take me a while to grasp how to do such things. Course actually drawing the textures was where my skill lies in this project currently, since it's basically just drawing on Photoshop, which I have experience with.

I have a week off for half term, so I'm continuing with that since our tutor allowed us to carry on even though we ought to have finished it by now. The rest of the week, I'm spending doing a multitude of things. Levelling up my Pokemon so I can beat a friend of mine next week in a battle, more on that later. Updating a practice animation of mine so it looks halfway decent, learning about the area I live in so I can gather courage to use public transport eventually, and generally practicing drawing.

Anywho, back to the video games. Said friend has been recovering from the effects of having surgery recently, so I went to visit her to cheer her up the only way I know playing Pokemon. It was quite a fun time, we bet Pokemon on the outcome of battles, meaning I lost 7 Mons including three legendaries, silly Crispee. But I'll try to win them back next week with any luck. :D

Also, I've been trying to find places online where I can order comic books, because I'm currently interested in the final story arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh Manga (Yu-Gi-Oh: Millenium World), as well as wanting to read more of 'Y: The Last Man', the first volume of which looks interesting.

Well, that's all about my life for now, until next time nonexistant readers!

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