Thursday, 17 December 2009

Holidays started.

Well, I've officially finished for the holidays, although it wasn't nearly as fun as most other years where we did colouring in christmas-sy pictures because the teacher decide they should be allowed to arse around as well.

I went in school for two hours today to do some coursework, I only need to finish a bit of it at home, which I will likely do tomorrow whilst everyone else is at school, and then I'll probably sit on the couch scratching myself, again, whilst everyone else it at school.

So, it's christmas in a few weeks eh? This december seems much shorter than usual, maybe it's because I'm actually looking forward to the christmas part of christmas rather than getting presents, which makes a nice change from my usual 'Christmas is for presents' attitude, I think it means I'm growing up. On a similar note, I intend to physically purchase gifts for people this year rather than making things out of bits of paper and glue, helping people pay for gifts for other people, or just flat out forgetting that christmas isn't my birthday and that other people get presents too.

In other news, I plan on drawing three of my dA friends christmas related pictures, if you're reading this blog of mine, chances are you're one of them so that's the only reason I mentioned it. In similar news still, I'm going to also finish a flash mine I've been working on for the smallest part of a week, and this time I'm gonna damn well try and put more effort into it, after that and another flash I'm already planning, I'm going to stop sprite movies and focus on making original flash.

Until next time not-existent readers!

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