Sunday, 27 January 2013


Haven't posted about my life here in over a year, blimey Kris, do the words "Decent speed for a glacier" mean anything to you? Not really, also stop stealing dialogue from Zero Punctuation. Ah well, I guess I'll let you know what I've been up to.

Previous Course!
First of all I've finished that Animation course that I loved so much around this time a year ago, I got a Distinction + Merit Merit, which is pretty hefty spoils to say I didn't like lots of my work, though my Final Project which you can view here is quite simply magnificent, not without errors of course but nothing is unless you're Sherlock Holmes. I'm going to miss that course because it changed my life in ways I couldn't describe.

Current Course and also Animation!
After finishing College I went back to College to do a different course, instead of Animation it's a more generalised Art and Design course, it's not REALLY going how I wanted but I've managed to teach myself how to be a better drawer, which has slightly rubbed off onto my Animation skills, not that I've Animated much recently, unless you count my clever idea MITAH where I'm working on a larger project but showing you all of the smaller elements because it'll take too bloody long otherwise.

University Applications!
In similar Animator-y news, I've sent off my University Applications about two months ago, all for Animation related courses naturally, I shan't give any details as to the identity of the Universities however I'll wait until I've properly been accepted to share such a detail, because it's best not to show bias at this stage, but rest assured I'll be in good hands for almost whichever one I go to.

I have not been as healthy as I used to be for this past year, I've had a fair few unusual stress attacks that four doctors can't agree on the exact nature of, I'm better now and that's all I'm really gonna say on that matter.

Current Work!
As said previously, at the present time, I'm on and off working on a small animation project entitled "The Man in the Ant Hill", it's a short story originally written by Marvel, being the origin of the character Ant-Man, and I've decided to adapt it into an animated feature because really, it's just dying to. I upload the various stages of the process onto Youtube for the pleasure of all, I'mma gonna link to it a second time for luck.

I'm notorious for starting personal projects and then not completing them due to lack of interest on my part and the part of whoever finds out about them, so I've decided to simplify the project making process and remind myself repeatedly how much I wanted to make it in the first place. This inspiration coming from of course the excellent Jack Howard, a guy on the internet who makes funny videos I'm a fan of, you ought to check him out.

I want to frame this and put it on a wall.

Well, that's all for now, I should really get into the swing of this again, it'd be nice to talk about my life stuff in greater detail, almost like a real blogger.

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